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Who We Are

Build Your Dream Business Online (BDBO) provides online business development services to help Independent Business Owners (IBO) and Independent Entrepreneurs (Indiepreneurs) establish and expand their business online by constructing an optimized digital marketing platform that works hard than you do!

Our Formula For Success

We offer the most comprehensive digital marketing solutions in the industry. BDBO recognizes that success in digital marketing requires content, relationship marketing and identifying human and social needs and satisfying them using digital marketing strategies, tools, and techniques. 

  • Digital Marketing: the promotion of products or brands via one of more forms of electronic media (i.e. social media channels (blog, video, audio, forums, email, bookmark sharing, webinars, or social media networking site
  • Content: is the intersection between producing and advertising. The purpose of content is to inform, entertain, and persuade the audience to buy something
  • Relationship Marketing: type of customer relationship management that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term engagement rather than short-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales
  • Identifying Human and Social Needs: recognizing the needs of your target market and create a customer avatar (description of your ideal client) so you can identify their needs and solve the problem

BDBO digital marketing formula consists of the 8 Core Disciplines of Digital Marketing:

Content Marketing

Conversion Funnel

Search Marketing

Email Marketing

Social and Community  Engagement

Paid Advertising 

Testing and Optimization

Analyzing Data

Digital Marketing Technique 

Here at BDBO, we collaborate with IBOs and Indiepreneurs to build an optimized digital marketing platform. We analyze the internal and external workings of your business to develop an optimized digital marketing platform to create brand awareness, build your email list, and convert inital and recurring sales. Our collaboration session is conducted in 3 Phases: Strategy, Develop, and Execute. 



We conceptualized the foundation of your business by identifying your core values, mission, what you offer, target market, product-market match, customer avatar (ideal clients), and the value of your product and customer so you can tailor your content to appeal to your client.



We collaboratively plan content to create awareness, generate organic and paid traffic, and build your email and retargeting list. We also construct an conversion marketing funnel that sends connects with the buyer and moves them through the customer journey.



We formulate a daily action plan to create awareness, build your email database, and convert sales. We will split-test and measure your conversion funnel and Facebook ads to build a data-driven business and increase your email database, new and recurring sales, and customer loyalty. 

Benefits of BDBO Digital Marketing Solutions

BDBO digital marketing technique focuses on providing solutions to the marketplace by providing valuable content to create awareness, nurture your email database, and convert sales. This creates unity and the gives your email database the opportunity to know, like, and trust you. Once this is instituted, you officially have people who are loyal to you and will be eagerly waiting to buy your products!


BDBO is dedicated to revolutionizing the independent business world and know that each business has different needs, which is why we offer an al carte service to IBO and Indiepreneurs. We offer practical, low-cost digital marketing solutions to the busy IBO and hands-on training to the innovative Indiepreneur that gives you the competitive edge to establish and grow your brand and business online. 

  • consulting
  • Training
  • Coaching

​BDBO helps IBOs expand their business online by strategize   building, and executing an optimized digital marketing plan by constructing a digital marketing platform so they can establish their brand, build an email database, and convert new and recurring sales. 

We Stand Behind Our Claim

The only way to prove the value of Build Your Dream Business Online Digital Marketing Solutions is to try it yourself. I invite you to Download the 79 Point Checklist and Audit Your Digital Marketing Platform Today!

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