Build Your Dream Business Online the Digital Marketing Experts!!

What is Build Your Dream Business Online

Build Your Dream Business Online (BDBO) provides online business development services to help Independent Business Owners (IBO) and Independent Entrepreneurs (Indiepreneurs) establish and expand their business online by constructing an optimized digital marketing platform.

History of BDBO

BDBO was founded in 2009 when Jenjer Johnson lost her job as a secondary and special education teacher with Baltimore City Public Schools. She decided it was time for her to follow her entrepreneurial dream and love for marketing and wanted to become a marketing consultant.  

Simultaneously, a good friend introduced her to online entrepreneurship and the light bulb went off and she followed her desire and started her first blog, RealGirlNRealLife to share her personal stories on how she overcame adversities as a troubled youth to an influential leader to inspire others to overcome their obstacles.

Let me point this out, besides some basic programming classes in college, she didn't know anything about starting a blog and she used internet resources to teach her about WordPress. Needless to say, since she didn't have any direction, plan, or strategies to implement, the blog just sat there because she didn't know what to do.

Continuing down her entrepreneurial journey, Jenjer became a licensed life insurance agent and fell in love with the joy, freedom, and endless possibilities of growth being an entrepreneurship brings you. She also enjoyed educating her prospects on life insurance and collaborating with them to build their individualized insurance policy.

She experienced short-term success and but still wasn't fulfilled. Since business was up and down she second guessed rather or not she should stay in the classroom.

Throughout her journey seeking professional happiness, she joined an affiliate company that taught her how to make money blogging. Although she learned blogging strategies, video market, create content, email marketing follow-ups and broadcast, design capture pages, develop lead magnets, host live events, and basic Facebook marketing tips she didn't know how to get people to her capture page to enter her funnel and make sales.

She left that company to join an internet marketing system that taught her how to brand herself online using copywriting, attraction marketing, social media marketing, and provided internet marketing tools. Oddly enough, she still wasn't satisfied.

Entrepreneurs start their own business while innovators find a problem and conceptualize a product and/or service to fix that problem. The more she learned the more realized that she didn't know, felt bamboozled and was determined to fix the problem.

Jenjer decided it was time to learn the technical side of internet marketing and enrolled in the Digital Marketer Certification which gave her the ephiphany to start her own company. She was faced with the toughest decision of her professional career.

What did she really want to do; consult, train, or coach.  Then she had an epiphany to integrate all 3 and founded, Build your Dream Business Online

Vision of BDBO

BDBO's vision is to serve, educate, enrich, and inspire IBOs and indiepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses online so they can be fulfilled professionally, financially, and personally. 

Mission of BDBO

BDBO mission is to develop an optimized digital marketing platform for IBOs and indiepreneurs that will establish an online presence, generate an email database, create authority in their marketplace, and increase their revenue so they can have a data drive automated business that will rewarded them with financial and time freedom.  

Who We Serve

We service independent business and independent entrepreneurs: 

  • Independent Business Owners: small internet and brick and mortar businesses that are free to grow without the restrictions of a franchise or corporate regulations.
  • Indiepreneurs: independent entrepreneurs who have a product, service, or private practice and has the freedom to expand and grow their business without restrictions. 

    *Direct Sales Representative (Insurance Professionals, Real Estate, etc), Network Marketers, and Affiliate Marketers  would be considered Indiepreneurs. Although you have to adhere to your companies policy, you are an independent representative of that company which means you are only authorize to sell the product you can't market the company but you can market yourself and build a brand 

What We Offer

BDBO is dedicated to revolutionizing the independent business world and know that each business has different needs, which is why we offer an al carte service to IBO and Indiepreneurs. We offer practical, low-cost digital marketing solutions to the busy IBO and hands-on training to the innovative Indiepreneur that gives you the competitive edge to establish and grow your brand and business online.

  • Consulting: 1-on-1 digital marketing solutions to expand your business online by strategizing, building, and executing an optimized digital marketing plan
  • Training:  FREE LIVE WEEKLY TRAINING that teaches you how to conceptualize your business infrastructure so you can establish an online presence by creating brand awareness, build an email database building, and use conversion techniques to acquire new, recurring, and frequent sales.
  • Coaching: 1-on-1 business coaching and online entrepreneurship courses to Indiepreneur Associates (IA) to help them: build their business foundation, architect an online infrastructure using digital marketing tools, plan and distribute content to create awareness, build your email database, and convert sales, develop a conversion marketing funnel, incorporate organic and paid traffic, and formulate a data analysis system. We provide 3 1-on-1 business coaching sessions and 24/7 access to our training vault.