Build Your Dream Business Online provide 1-on-1 consultation services to helps independent business owners build an optimized digital marketing platform that focuses on increasing revenue, decreasing cost, and creating brand awareness.


Content Markting

Content marketing is the backbone of an optimized digital marketing platform because you need content to execute the disciplines of digital marketing. Content has a 3 Stages Life-cycle: Awareness, Evaluate, and Convert. Each stage has different content, goals, and metrics.

Awareness Content

Evaluate Content

Convert Content

Customer Value Optimization 

  • Customer Value Optimization 
  • business relationship stages
  • conversion marketing funnel

A conversion funnel is the journey of a prospect takes to becoming a lead, customer, and customer. The elements of a conversion funnel are: capture page, lead magnet, tripwire, core product, profit maximizer, and return path. The first step is to conduct the product-market match to identify your target market, ideal client, and statement of value. Next, you develop capture page, a one page website where you capture prospects information in exchange for the lead magnet while simultaneously building your email database. After a prospects opts-in you immediately offer a tripwire to convert the lead to a customer. You create a profit maximizers (high ticket offer extended from core product and increase your profits). You construct a return-path to stay in contact with you lead and customer database through email and retargeting (ads that follow your leads and customers around online). 

Business Growth Formula


Optimizing a lead magnet will capture twice as many leads as sending prospects to your sales page. Lead magnet (2L) = 2 Growth Potential.


Obtaining twice as many leads double your conversion rates and you have twice as many customers. Customers (4C) = 4 Growth Potential.  


Offering profit maximizers and having double customers increase your profit margins. Profit Maximizers (8M) = 8 Growth Potential.


​Since you have customer database you can offer them your other products making them frequent buyers (F) = 16 Growth Potential

ABC's of Digital Marketing

Build Your Dream Business Online formula for success consist of planning, produce, and distribute various types of content to create brand awareness, build a email database, and convert leads into loyal customers. There are 3 Phases of the BDBO Digital Marketing Cycle (DMC): Brand Awareness Phase, Build Phase, and Conversion Phase.

Brand Awareness

Using content to socially influence, network, and engage with your target audience to create brand awareness.

Build Phase

Building a conversion marketing funnel and driving organic and paid traffic to your content and funnel

Conversion Phase

Building a conversion marketing funnel and driving organic and paid traffic to your content and funnel

Digital Marketing Solutions

We offer a full-range of services to optimize your digital marketing platform. We provide powerful digital marketing solutions using the 3-Step BDBO Digital Marketing Cycle:


​We help you strategically plan the internal structure of your business by helping you identify your target market, create a customer avatar, and complete the product-market fit. The strategic planning is done during a 90 minute consultation which consist of an introduction to digital marketing, 55 minutes of building your business foundation, and 5 minute Q&A.


We develop your conversion marketing funnel. We produce your lead magnet, tripwire, profit maximizer and construct a return path which consist of an email follow-up series and Facebook retargeting pixel. We design the capture page for your lead magnet as well as create the lead magnet. We also construct a customized thank  you and sales page, connect you email marketing system to the capture page, and produce the content for the email follow-up series. 

Daily Execution

Best of all, we formulate a daily plan of action that follows the ABCs of Digital Marketing: Brand Awareness, Build, and Convert. We use Facebook as the marketing platform to establish your brand, drive traffic to your conversion marketing funnel and blog post and retarget your email database on Facebook redirecting them to your content. We also email your list weekly if you have a blog so you can stay in constant communication with them. Lastly, we monitor your Facebook Insights and provide a monthly analysts.    

Digital Marketing Solutions Packages


  • ​90 - Minute Consultation
  • Build customized capture page using a professional theme and copy-write language 
  • Connect capture page to email marketing system
  • Craft thank you page 
  • Embedded lead magnet to capture page (client provide lead magnet)
  • Free Mail Chimp Training 



  • Silver Plus
  • Develop lead magnet
  • Download lead magent and welcome email introducing you brand
  • Attach lead magnet (client provides lead magnet)
  • Free Facebook Marketing Training



  • Bronze Plus
  • Develop Conversion Marketing Funnel
  • 4 email series follow-up campaign
  • Design Facebook FanPage
  • Create custom audience
  • Run Facebook Ads (Like and website conversion ad)
  • Ad Facebook retargeting pixel
  • Month of Facebook maintenance and engagement 



  • Gold Plus
  • Develop Profit Maximizer
  • 7 email series follow-up campaign
  • 2 months of Facebook maintenance and engagement


Disclaimer: Payment is received in two equal payments: 50% down payment to begin the project and 50% upon final review and confirmation that client is satisfied with the final product. If client isn't satisfied, BDBO will edit and revise product until it meets the clients standards. If additional content is required outside the terms of the chosen product, client should be prepared to pay the down payment difference. In the event, the client decides they no longer want the product because standards can't be met, client may forfeit the rights of the product, waive the final payment, but BDBO will not refund the down payment because services where render.